A Wealth of Activities

At Happiness Is Camping, it seems the activities never stop --- and neither do the children. The day begins with reveille at 8:25 a.m., and doesn't end until the flag is lowered at 9:00 p.m. In between, campers can choose from daily activities that include: swimming, fishing, archery, ropes, boating, arts & crafts, drama, indoor and outdoor sports and much more. For an overview of the camp grounds, click here.

Each afternoon and evening welcomes a different all camp event, which range from a team scavenger hunt or "movie night" in the rec hall, to a cabin talent competition or the annual prom on the last night of camp. Each summer there are themed days on which the campers and the staff dress up, so bring on the costumes. There are also "guest" appearances by local animal shows and other groups. At least one special event is scheduled for every week of camp.

An annual tradition at Happiness Is Camping is Color Wars. Each camper/sibling is assigned to either the Blue or Green team. The teams compete in events throughout the sessions accumulating team points. During the last week of camp the results are announced to much fanfare. Blue and Green camp t-shirts are available for purchase so the kids can really get into the spirit.